9 things that you don’t know about Tamil Nadu CM jayalalitha

facts about jayalaitha

A movie Star was seen as store short formula of success in 60’s and 70’s politician who is best described as a Queen of Tamil politics. Jayalalitha was destined to live her life in the LimeLight and enjoying the love and affection of lots of people but Inspite of living in the LimeLight there are few has facts about Jayalalitha about her life.

 9 things that you don’t know about Tamilnad’s giant killer.

jayalaitha life

  • Jayalalithaa’s Royal connection

The Jaya and Jayalalitha name can be traced back to her grandfather who was the person physician to the Maharaja  Jaya Chama Rajendra the king of Mysore the name was added as a prefix for the family members to reflect their connection with the with the royal family.

  • About Jayalalitha father and  family Money

Jayalalithaa’s father Jayaram was a law graduate who never took up Job who reportedly enjoyed on the family money and spend money on women and alcohol he died when She was barely 2 years Old.

  •  Jayalalitha taking dancing steps

Jayalalithaa Jayaram only called as ammu at the home started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of 3, she also received training in Cuttack, mohiniyattam and Manipuri dance as a child Jayalalitha was also trained in classical music and western classical piano.

  • Jayalalitha was forced into movies due to troubles

Jayalalitha won the golden state award for coming first in class 10 in Tamilnadu she wanted to pursue law but pushed into movies why her mother was a struggling actor they are agreed to take up films after she made aware of family financial status.

  • Jayalalitha Appearance in the movies

 Jayalalitha was Firstly she was seen in Kishore Kumar movie. She also said that she don’t like LimeLight and she had one many hearts with her pretty face and her voice but as a politician shared established herself as a giant Killer Fish in Tamil Nadu politics in   80’s and 90’s destroying all opposition parties and  establishing herself as a female Thalaivaa but Unlike the silver screen Jayalalithaa’s Political career was filled with scandals and vengeance.

  • Drama at mjr’s funeral

Jayalalitha was insulted in MJR funeral assisted by his body at Rajaji hall she was reportedly hit on the forehead by MJR wife Janaki nephew Deepaan when she tried to get on the Gun Carriage bearing mjr’s body at the start of the funeral position AIDmk alleged that Jaya has been molested in inside the Assembly a charge it has been opposite by the ruling party After The assault Jayalalitha had vowed to enter the Assembly as  the chief minister which she manage to do in 1991.

  • Facts about her son’s marriage

During first term as the chief Jayalalitha has entered the world record of Guinness book for hosting a lavish wedding for his Foster son the wedding was located in a 50 Acres ground that’s over 1,15,000 guest the income tax department has estimated a wedding cost at 10 crores what the chief minister in system it has been paid for by the people.

  • Jayalalitha government scandal

Jayalalitha was accused of misusing her office as the first tenure of the chief minister between 1991   and 1996 acquiring properties about  66.65 crores Asus under scanner for farmhouse Bungalows in Chennai agricultural lands across Tamil Nadu farmhouse in Hyderabad and Tea estate in Nilgiris, A ride at a house of Jayalalitha in 1997 later recoveries of 28 kilograms of gold 800 kilograms of silver 91 watches 750 Press shoes 10500 sarees among others.

  • Disqualified as a CM by Supreme Court

Jayalalitha became the first CM to be disqualified from her office after when she was convicted in the disproportionate assets case on 27th of September 2014 she subsequently acquitted by the Karnataka High Court and resume office as chief minister once again.

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