CBI arrested Former Air Force Chief SP Tyagi AgustaWestland scam

CBI arrested Former Air Force Chief SP Tyagi  AgustaWestland scam After 3 years

CBI arrested Former Air Force Chief Marshal Tyagi  AgustaWestland scam Should be produced before magistrate if not today then latest by tomorrow  24 hours is the timeline in which he has to be produced before a magistrate for the right now.

Air Force Chief SP Tyagi

What is after all  air chief’s role in this particular Saga just bring up you up to speed it was actually during the tenure of Air Force Chief Marshal S P Tyagi the CBI States is indeed very firmly believe that conditions for change which made the helicopter a favorite  to win it was in fact  in a sense fixed  to ensure that this is the only helicopter with image after the completion of the trial process remember the entire issue had gathered heat somewhere in the middle of the sea of around the month of May.

After the high court equivalent in Milan in Italy had given the worddict which country went against the procedure which went against differences can actually say that there was indeed some corruption with had taken place bribe has been paid and that’s reason why the high court in Milan had put it’s worddict which has something which is wrong in the entire deal.

Immediately after that it let to the huge storm in which the Defence Minister made a statement in the Parliament and also a story of action follow on this is  the first time seen that the arrest has been to has taken place in this case and that to an arrest of somebody  who was the former Chief Marshal it’s an extreme is significant estate  what will have to be seen is the exact remand application that the CBI puts  before the court because this taking place a 3 years plus after the cases registered by the Cbi.

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Reasons why he changed the Terms of Purchase of Helicopter

They see me if you go to a little deeper into this case it all started because there was a certain amount of  familiarity between the middleman in this case due to  Carlo Gerosa both of them are Swiss National JNU some members of the Tyagi family they in a sense Come know about this requirement of the Indian Air Force and  after the limits of representatives of the Send mechanical from which made helicopters to come in contact make presentations and get in touch with Former Air Force Chief Marshal Tyagi was then the chief of the Indian Air Force that’s where you, it was looked at the heart of the matter that’s why the story starts when relatives of  either side got to know about.

Just where they were position visive a chance in opportunity to earn big buck’s that’s, when he enters the constitutive conspiracy was hatched after that in Italy where the cases process has progressed much faster much faster as against India 2012 Court judgement with fat that there is no corruption in the case after that  chief marshal Tyagi interviewed him  that he was happy that his  name was cleared but he was still hopeful that the CBI and ED  who continue made in an accused  would actually go ahead and also get a getting out the case get the casebook come to the point that unfortunately has not happened a chief marshal Tyagi in the meanwhile continued leading  a normal life he was there to be seen at most of the Indian Air forces extremely important functions the Prime Minister the president would appear  as a former Chief Marshal the chief of the Indian Air Force It would be called that status even when he was accused by CBI and ED.

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