Donald trump on HB1 Visa holders

Donald Trump on HB1 Visa

Donald trump on HB1 Visa holders to replace US workers

Donald Trump says that he wouldn’t allow any more foreign workers  replacing us workers. Donald Trump is newly elected president had said that he wouldn’t  allow Americans to be replaced by foreign workers and give reference of companies like Disney World and many other American companies which hire foreign workers on Hb1 visa and displaced US workers.

Donald Trump on hb1 visa
Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump speaks during a Republican presidential primary debate at The University of Houston, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016, in Houston.

Trump told thousands sub is supported in Iowa on Thursday as he referred to the cases of Disney and other companies that he will fight to protect every last American life during this campaign he also spent time with American workers were laid off and forced to train the foreign workers and brought them to replace them and said that she won’t let it happen anymore and audience Applause.

Give a pose for that Disney World and 2 other companies have been questioned by Federal lawsuit but two of its former Technology staff members that they replace the American workers with foreign workers due to due to the foreign workers gets less pay when comparing to American workers.

Donald Trump also said that he will put an end to  illegal immigration from Mexico that he will build the wall along the Mexico border with a door in it and only the legal immigration should be done.

Trump will put an end to illegal drugs going into the country poisoning the youth and plenty other people, he will stop the drugs coming from foreign countries into US that has been poisoning the people of US and also he will stop the violence that has been spilling across the border of Mexico and was he will put an end to it.

He said that all the legal immigrants living in the country will be forced to go out of the country special laws be made only the genuine and the legal immigrants will be left in the country.

After this statement by the newly elected president Donald Trump, the most of the IT companies have started hiring the foreign workers as soon as possible because after the takeover of Trump no one knows that how the  hb1 visa rules and regulations will be tightened or changed according to the government.

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