Effects Of Demonitisation on Economy Of India

Effects of demonitisation On Common People and Economy Of India

Effects of demonitisation On Common People and Economy Of India

I don’t think so that demonitisation effected so much,  as we can see in news about the currencies which have been gotten by police or income tax rides and etc. how did they get  that money and  that’s the question which has has been in the  everyone,s mind and some say that government already leaked about this news to others and important people to them.

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This is Matter affecting the middle class people and  common people and I recently heard that about 70 crores of new currency has been caught up by police how do we get them common people are worried about getting about around Rs 20,000 or  Rs 40,000.

demonisation effect on economy

how do they get 70 crores in the hands is this default of government or the bankers or the politicians  and equivalently what is the main focus of the government doing this demonstration the economical expert said that only 5 to 10% off black money is in the form of liquid cash of currency to just remove the 5 to 10% of money the government is affecting these many people.

Many people are effected marriages stopped, people standing in the queue for hours and hours some have collapse in those ATM queues .

According to sources government will lose about 4,00,000 cores per month due to this demonitisation effect and it’s about a month now that means the government has already lost 4,00,000 crores is it gonna be same again who is going to bear that 4,00,000 crores burden.

How this 4,00,000 crores going to recovered by the government all that money is lost now.

The government says that it will be recovered by the non returning old 500 and 1000 currency notes but a Bankers declared that about 11 lakh crores of the Money  have already returned and overall about 16 lakh crores of old 500 and 1000 rupee notes at present in the market.

They will also return and no their is also time so that Money can be returned but taking over all view we can consider that it’s about 12,00,000 cores will be returned and the government will get a profit about profit of 4,00,000 crores   but the government have already lost the 4,00,000 crores who is going to bear that.

It’s almost equal  to the amount Lost  then what is the use of Demonitization then.

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