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Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton( Hillary Clinton) Born on October 26,1947 of age 69 Born in Chicago, Illinois U.S. Member of Democratic Party and also Presidential candidate of democratic party.
She was an 67th United states secretary of state and she has been appointed as the first lay during her husband was President her husband is the Late President Bill Clinton from 1983 to 1992.

She was elected as the presidential candidate of Democratic party for the election of 2016 and that elections she was defeated by Donald Trump.
Hillary Clinton has attended to Wellesley college and graduated in 1969 and learned law from Yale Law school in 1973 and after that she served as a Congressional legal counsel.
She married Clinton in 1975.
Hillary Clinton was elected as First female senator from new York the first ever seek elective office.during the 9/11 attacks she has voted to approve war against the Afghanistan.She has won far more delegates than any previous female candidates But lost the  president elections 2016  due to some Scandals which were attached to her or found a hand of her and was defeated by Donald trump new president of U.S.

She was in Republican party before 1968 and after 1968 she has joined the Democratic party.
she has only one child Chelsea

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