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Torrent links for Movies, Games And Software’s.

movie torrent links

If you cant access the torrent site or cant find torrent links some of the torrents site have been blocked in india so you cannot find them so dont go over all the other sites you can get over this site simply copy this link and paste it in torrent software link watch the video

Torrents links of Movies

Doctor Strange Link:


Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 2016 Movies DVDScr XviD link:


Shivaay 2016 Movies HD TS XviD link:


Finding Dory 2016 English Movies HD TS XviD link:


Software’s torrent links

Avira anti virus with key link:


Games :

Dark Souls II v1.11 complete edition link:


If you need more links then u could comment below i would be glad to be posting in next post.


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