Vardah (Varda) wikki Effect on Chennai,Tamil Nadu.

Vardah effect on chennai

Tamil Nadu coast making like for about 15 kilometers away from the capital  Chennai on Monday all efforts are still ongoing by the govt but due to many trees uprooted their are many problems.The winds were about 140 kmph which will be a categorie 1 cyclone.

cyclone vardah chennai

Chennai Airport and Schools effected by Cyclone Vardah

Chennai airport is now operational after the services for temporarily suspended yesterday for the safety inspection. Government and private schools college Institutions in Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur will remain closed today will be closed today, in fact, they closed today and Cyclone vardah created havoc  many trees uprooted billboards broke down cables cut,telephone and mobile networks went off in Chennai, moderate to light rainfall is considering in Tamilnadu for the next 24 hours in Bengaluru also with also witness this light Showers of rain when varda  made fall on Chennai.

cyclone-vardah shown in map

People died due to Cyclone Varda

As if now due to cyclone effect their are about 10 people which has been declared by the governamnet.


Tamil Nadu Chief Minster on Cyclone Varda

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Selvam compensation of 4lakh rupees from state disaster relief  to the families of the dead.Andhra Pradesh is expected to Feel the branch of the storm as it most along the coast Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu has asked state disaster response force and other departments not To lower their guards against the cyclone.

Chennai stormed after Jayalalitha passing away

 Chennai weather the storm hit the city post the political storm of Jayalalitha passing away what is being the response of the government the administration so for people kind of not satisfied about the seen on the street.

Cyclone Nada had hit Chennai only 11 days back before

Cyclone Nada had hit Chennai only 11 days back before this cyclone already said during a cyclone Nada itself of the government had a place on the suction pump and their role amended also arrange for the state disaster resources to be on standby in  the City.

But, unfortunately many unexpected scenes across the state and the City . Cyclone varda has uprooted millions of trees  have gone already havoc and you can see just behind me as well well it’s so many trees are gonna broken and cut off from the Place  and unfortunately these trees have also broken Cable lines which are also visible in the city Chennai from the new that we watch right now and there’s a kind of Scenario that was unexpected people have been complaining that when the state knew that there was a cyclone warning that should have taken into consideration these things as well mobile networks have been cut off and electricity has been cut off.

People facing issues with cyclone Vardah with electricity and mobile network’s gone

People are facing a lot of issues because of these and in many parts where areas that east coast road the  general public advanced clearing out the trees that I will fall down.

The main sources of working in the City Chennai so, people are worried that are coming in slow phase towards them and because of this they might be even more delay in electricity and power supplies and in telecommunication wherein east coast road up from morning till afternoon the networks in the mobile we only going on and off to the right thing at the people are facing as a huge Concern.


Government working Uprooted trees and connecting the power lines

Department as of now had said that they will have clear skies but a bit of rain which could be expected as an after effect of the cyclone vardah but at the same time, we do see the through the day is quite humidity we have hardly seen any rain, which is the welcome to relive what people have seen of yesterday the wind and rain created a mess in the city which we can see  It create a lot of having a casualty right behind the trees which are continued to be a cleared which  have been  uprooted government have been deployed to clear the main roads but definitely people on Facing with issues.

Bussiness and Common people needs effected due to Cyclone Vaarda

Their is no power because of that  people are finding a difficult  because of the lack of the power ATM’s not working lot of people are unable to withdraw money and Buy basic amenities and necessities,  but right places like emergency services and certain places taking Paytm’s  on whole and whole if you  look at the issue you are compared to Chennai 2015 plus this time people were prepared they are areas ECR road and many other. where they’re  having a problem but place understand your T Nagar is also busy commercial area usually at the day time of business  you can move left or right but for fact that there is no power  a lot of establishments have shut down that the only thing that will be seen as the effect of the cyclone your otherwise things are quite normal the central part of the city Chennai.


Situation at the outskirts of Chennai

Talking to the  villager’s many places away no one has reached but some places some presence of the administration was known, people.

People looking Forward after the cyclone

Some presence of the administration was known people are still struggling for electricity mobile phone communication and even something as basic as their daily meals community kitchen Some people have stepped forward so as to fill the void after the  cyclone weather is now a thing of the past people are looking at today and tomorrow.

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